<span class="vcard">Submissive Bear</span>
Submissive Bear

I Am A Kinky, Demisexual Polar Bear

So, it’s Ace week. Time to embrace that asexual in your life (just ask them really nicely if they want some body hugs first, ‘kay?) And while I’m not asexual, I have discovered that I’m asexual-adjacent. More to the point, I’m demisexual. Which is a lovely word with a fascinating meaning, that has had a complicating influence on my sex life.

There Is Kink Over 50

I am a bear with a dad bod, firmly in the second half of life. While there are practical realities to that, that does not mean there are limitations—nor does it mean I’m not sexy, apparently. I bring all of me to the table, my experiences and my insights and a confidence that I lacked in my youth. That is an incredibly solid foundation from which to be negotiating a kinky relationship today.