Becoming Bear
Exploring Submission in the Second Half of Life

Exploring Submission in the Second Half of Life


A cis white polar bear, trying to live his best life in the northern half of the northern hemisphere.

Hi, I’m Bear.

I’m a very curious bear, finally exploring his submission in the second half of life.

I have always been kinky, but have struggled to express it and experience it. Stripping away fantasy, I am finding its real nature and true form. My submission isn’t about degradation or diminishment or punishment. My submission is grounded in pride and love and personal growth. It is about making me the best possible bear that I can be, for myself first, and for the one that I serve and love.

I live a full life already. I do engaging work. I have a breadth of pursuits. I read, I cook, I explore, I savour, I experience the world. There was already so much about me and my life that I love and appreciate. But there was also a part that was missing. That got denied and repressed and ignored, locked away in the hopes that it would go away.

It didn’t go away. It does not go away. It finds ways to prompt and push, and the more it is repressed, the more insistent and creative and disruptive it manages to be in getting my attention. 

This is my place to share the submissive experience of becoming bear. Of opening up the locked and chained box that identity has occupied for too long, and letting my submission have a place in the light. To hold it in my hands, and feel it in my heart and explore its place in my world.

You can expect reflections on what that journey looks like. There will be celebrations, and I’m sure there will be frustrations. You will also find stories and poetry. You will learn to make a decent cocktail. You will find brain dumps and raw experiences. You will find truth—my truth. Perhaps some of those truths might resonate for you as well.

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