Month: <span>November 2022</span>
Month: November 2022

Finding the Perfect Butt Plug

It should come as no surprise that I like butt stuff. A lot. Courtesy of my rules, I spend all of my sleeping hours plugged. Courtesy of a new rule, I also spend a portion of my waking hours plugged as well. All well and good, but for anyone that has tried butt plugs and found them wanting, the inevitable question is, “How can you possibly do that?” The answer is that there are good plugs, and there are bad plugs. Unfortunately, the bad plugs are winning. Bear is here to even the odds.

Orgasm Control Means What It Says

At the outset, my Goddess requested that she control my orgasms. It was the first requirement in our relationship, and it has been the most enduring. To many, that would be interpreted as, “Oh, you’re in chastity, and you don’t get to come.” The reality couldn’t be more different. I submit, I am subject to her control, and I respond to her expectations. But control means what it says on the tin: I’m expected to do what she wants. Period. Full stop. With corresponding climax, when required.

The Layers Of Us

Submission is presumed to involve service, and certainly it does. In the context of submitting to my Goddess, I strive to be attentive to her needs and responsive to her expectations. I try to anticipate and provide support in whatever way might be helpful or simply welcomed. That’s good as far as it goes, but it by no means defines the extent of our relationship. There are many more wonderful layers at work, and coming to understand those has been incredibly valuable.