Our Ouroboros
Our Ouroboros

Our Ouroboros

Flights of fancy and couplings wondrous,
Owning you, craving, wanting and thundrous.

Your cock so glorious, stands tall and proud
Succumbing to striking, crying out loud.
Squirming and writhing, aspiring want
Submitting to aching, stimulous, taunt.

Worshipful lust and glorious pain,
Crying and thrashing, hot dripping rain.
Cradling and loving, now nurturing soft
Bringing you back, adoring you oft.

Your want is my craving, giving to you
Taking in kind, a back and forth truth.
You lust and you want, you cry for my focus,
Worship, sin and bliss, our full ouroboros.

Prompt: Write some micro-prose (less than 100 words) but don’t use the letter “e.”

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