He’s Cute When He Blushes
He’s Cute When He Blushes

He’s Cute When He Blushes

So which of us do you think is the sexiest?

Are you really going with that line again?

C’mon, V. It gets them going every time.

Yep, going right out the door.

He doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Especially when I fondle his thigh like this.

That’s because he’s a slut.

Yes. I’m hoping to find out just how much. So… pet. Who do you think is the sexiest?

*incoherent stammer*

Say that again?


Once more with feeling?

*sharp exhale*

Tell you what, if you won’t tell me, just whisper it in V’s ear.


What did he say?

Please make her stop.

*cackles* Oh, sweetie. We are just getting started.

I think that’s what he’s afraid of.

Oh look, he really does have the cutest blush. You said it was the most adorable thing, and it so completely is.

I know. I won’t say it’s his BEST feature, but it’s right up there.

Ooooh. Baby boy. There are better features. DO tell.


Use your words, baby. It’s okay. You can tell us.

Uhhh…. Ummm… she likes my penis, miss.

Miss. Such a polite boy. We’ll be on MUCH more intimate terms by the time the evening is over though, don’t you think?


Don’t you think?

I’m sure we will, miss.

See, V? He just needs the right prompting and he opens right up.

Yes, and embarrassing him completely is just the strategy to do that.

Well it’s the strategy to make him blush, and that’s just ADORABLE.

It is really.

So, sweet baby, I hear that you’ve been learning to suck cock.

That’s not an answer, baby boy.

She’s not going to help you in that regard, sweetie.

*grins* It’s true, I’m not.

Uhhh, yes, miss.

And how good are you?

Do we have to do this again?

No, miss.

So, how good are you?

Uhhhh… pretty good?

What’s pretty good? Does that mean that you don’t gag? Or just that you’ll open your mouth a little bit and lick?

Uhhh… yes?

Oh, sweet child, Sweet, summer child. You are just all the bashful, aren’t you.

Uhh… yes?

Can you deep throat?

A little.

And do you like it?


No, we’re answering this one. Do you like it?

Yes, miss.

Have you deep-throated while being fucked from behind, pet?

No, miss.

Would you like that?

*whispers* Yes, miss.

Once again, pet. Would you like that?

*clears throat* Yes, miss.

Do you know what we CALL that, baby boy?

A happy ending, miss?

Oh, dear sweet boy, no.

What do you call it then?

Oh you are such a tease with him. You know that, right?

Of course I am, V. It adds to the sheer delight when we actually take him. And do you want to know what it’s called, sweet boy?

Ummm… yes?

Of course you do. We call it “spit-roasting.” Do you know why?

Because I spit while she roasts my ass?

Hah! That’s the most amusing thing you’ve said so far, boy.


We call it spit roasting because while you are on your hands and knees, your Goddess and I are fore and aft, impaling you. Can you imagine what that looks like?


Ohhhh. The penny drops.

God, you’re a tease.

Yes, but I’ve discovered a new shade of red, and it’s adorable.

You have actually. 

I know! I think it’s going to be my new challenge with him.


So boy, there’s only one thing we need to get clear.

Yes, miss?

Who’s in front first?

Prompt: Write about the foreplay of a threesome, but in dialogue only.

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