Icing & Sprinkles
Icing & Sprinkles

Icing & Sprinkles



“Always mine. Only mine. All mine.”

“Utterly and completely. Devoted and submissive and achingly yours.”

“I choose. I decide. I direct.”

“I obey. I concede. I follow.”

“My pet.”

“Obedient and attentive.”

“My plaything.”

“Writhing and ecstatic.”

“My slave.”

“Submissive and devoted.”

“Focused only on me.”

“Always and forever.”

“Your only mistress.”

“I serve only you. I have served only you. I will serve only you.”

“As it should be. And as it will be.”

“I love you, baby.”

“Mmmmm. ‘Baby.’”

“My sweet, sweet baby.”

“Stars and sparkles.”

“All the sparkles.”

“And sprinkles!”

“Are you my cupcake?”

“Uh huh. (That hit me in the good girl spot).”

“Sweet baby cupcake.”

“I’m your cupcake because I’m sweet and adorable and I’m always going to get smeared in your beard.”

“That’s a COMPLETELY different kind of icing.”

*innocent smile*

“Different sprinkles, too.”


Prompt: Write a “meet cute” (the sparkly moment where two characters first connect).

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