One Door Closes…
One Door Closes…

One Door Closes…

“Life is made up by meetings and partings. That is the way of it.”

Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit, “A Muppet Christmas Carol”

We hang on to things for so very long. People, ideas, beliefs. Beliefs in particular. They are our compass, our moral well-spring, our way of defining what is true.

What happens when our beliefs aren’t true, though? What happens when they stop serving us? What if they never really served us at all?

It’s easy to believe you are not lovable. It is easy to believe that you are not worthy. It is easy to believe that you are in some way damaged, or broken, or just not right. It is incredibly easy to believe that your wants and cravings are depraved and degenerate. That anyone discovering what you really desired would be appalled, judgmental, rejecting.

Some people will judge. Those aren’t your people. And that is okay. You don’t owe them your shame and embarrassment. You don’t owe them the obligation of hiding yourself. You certainly don’t owe them the emotional effort of further concealing what you most hold dear.

Others will embrace you and value you. They are out there. And when you find them, you will also find wonder and acceptance and joy that you didn’t believe possible. They will share with you. They will encourage. They will delight. They will sift through your deepest desires with you and find ways to amplify them that you couldn’t possibly imagine for yourself. They will delight in you, and embrace you and love you, just as you are. You just have to let them in.

You can close the door on your wants. Keep them hidden. Be ashamed of them. Feel that burden. It’s heavy, and no one knows that you are carrying it but you. 

You can also open up that door and let them out. Feel the release of not hiding them anymore. Feel the joy and weightlessness that comes of truly being you.

Close the door of judgment, and open the door of acceptance. Close the door of shame so that you can open the one of joy. Close the door on hiding so that you can come out and play in the light.

Others want to play with you.

I promise.

Prompt: “The beginnings of things often coincide with the endings of others.”


  1. I hope there are many people who read this and take it to heart. I’ve met both online and in real life people who would benefit so much from believing the sentiment of your post. I’m so pleased your experiences have led you to write it. That tells me you have good things in your life and that is wonderful x

    1. Submissive Bear

      Thank you so much, Floss. That’s kind and generous of you to share. It has taken me far too long to come to the realization for myself, but I’m delighted to be hear now. And yes, I am blessed with a very wonderful someone in my life, and it shows. She will say that I’m doing all the work, but it wouldn’t happen at all without her hand and her guidance and her love.

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